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    Rev C, June 27, 2007

    I. Purpose

    Our founders and leaders have come to agreement on the following rules and requirements for Louisiana Mercenaries (herein referred to as LA MERC). Amendments and additions will follow, based on knowledge gained, that will strengthen LA MERC and make us a more formidable presence in the cyber world. These rules and requirements may seem excessive to some. To those we recommend other clans. Yet, these same rules will prevent most of the problems we have seen damage and ruin many clans and allow us to grow. We will know who our clansmen are, we will respect them and ultimately we will be quite successful. The leaders put a lot of time into this clan in attempt to make it rewarding for each of us. The same is expected from each of you. We each have different lives, different time schedules, and different priorities; nevertheless, your best is always demanded. Lose with grace! Win with humility!

    This is a living document that will be modified as the leaders see fit in order to maintain a good working clan. The Leadership Council will have the final say on all changes made to this document. If any person sees something that will make the clan better as a whole, please by all means get the information to the Leadership Council, so that it may be considered for revisions to the documentation.

    II. Leadership

    The following is a list of positions and duties of the various leadership roles in the clan. Clan Leaders - T4rg3T, Andyconda Co-Leaders - Onji, Goose, Cowboy from Hell Server/Forums/Maps Admin - Onji, T4rg3T, Goose Server Admins - To be determined

    III. Membership

    1. Recruitment
    Unlike many clans, LA MERC does not use game skill as it's primary standard for membership. Rather, a good attitude, pleasant demeanor, and a respect for others are among the measuring sticks used. Membership to the clan is achieved through the following: A current member interested in nominating a prospective player for membership must submit the prospective member's name via a new thread in the Recruitment forum of LA_MERC's private forum area. Reasoning for sponsorship as well as a few details (if known) about the potential recruit is required. All active members may then post their feelings towards the potential recruit in that thread. From here, the Recruitment and Management team shall discuss the potential recruit in their private RMT forum and reach a decision on whether or not the potential recruit will be allowed to wear the recruit tag. The Recruitment and Management team will then assign the recruit a sponsor, have the sponsor contact the recruit and instruct him to begin his probationary period by wearing the LA_MERC_ [r] tag. At the end of the probationary period, a vote on the recruit will be conducted by all active members who have had involvement with the recruit. If the vote is successful, the recruit shall become a full member of LA MERC. A member must be a full member for a minimum of six (6) months before that member may sponsor another individual for membership. Also, a recruit must be eighteen (18) years of age or older to be considered for membership.

    2. New Recruits
    New recruits which have been accepted for membership must post a minimum of ninety (90) times within ninety (90) days of the time they are told to begin wearing the LA_MERC_ tag. In addition, they must log in game time. Game time in Battlefield is not mandatory but it is the current main game of choice for our group. Game time can be logged in other games but which ever game is chosen, it must be done with other members of the group. This will help to verify game time and how well a new recruit interacts with other members and the rest of the gaming community. After ninety (90) days, new recruits will be voted upon, by the group, based on quantity and quality of the new recruits interaction with other members. If at some time during the recruitment process, a new recruit is not meeting expectations, they will be approached and coached by their sponsor as to the expected requirements of LA_MERC.

    3. Active Membership
    In order to maintain active membership in the clan, a member must actively participate in clan activities which are those things that involve other members of the group. These could be, but are not limited to, gaming, participating in clan related forum posting/voting, and clan lans. Any member not openly showing active participation will be brought to the attention of the Recruitment and Management team. The RMT along with Leadership will then decide on whether or not this members active status should be revoked. The member will be contacted before any action is taken, giving them a chance to prove their dedication to the group. Exceptions to this rule may be made and will be considered on a case by case basis, but each case must be brought to the attention of the clan leadership.

    4. Inactive Members
    Members who fail to meet the requirement of active membership as listed above or members who request a short leave of absence from the clan shall become an inactive member. To regain active status, the inactive member must make a formal post to regain active status. At this time, the member must prove his/her sincerity to become active again by posting and playing with the group. There is no set amount of forum or game activity to regain active status but after 30 days, the Recruitment and Management team will vote on whether or not the member should be granted active status. If a member remains on inactive status for a period of 4 months, the member.s tag will be removed. To regain active status once a members tag has been removed, that person will have to petition LA_MERC Leadership.

    5. Regaining Membership
    Former members who wish to re-join the clan may petition the clan leadership to do so. The former member must have left the clan on good terms. The former member will then be decided upon, by Leadership, on whether or not they will be allowed to regain membership. If Leadership decides to allow the former member to regain membership, that person will be turned over to the Recruitment and Management team to go through the normal recruitment process.

    6. Probation
    A member may be placed on probation if deemed necessary by the leadership of the clan. Actions that warrant probation include but are not limited to: disrespect to other clan members; violation of the code of conduct; failure to comply with requests from clan leaders, suspicion of cheating, et al. Probation shall be imposed by the Leadership Council along with the term and severity of the probation. If a member on probation shall fail at anytime to abide by the terms of their probation, they shall lose all membership privileges and be asked to leave the clan immediately.

    IV. Special Events

    As LA MERC grows, the clan would like to offer an ever-increasing variety of special events ranging from the annual LA MERC Barbeque and members-only lan party to large, open invitation lans such as Bayou Fragfest to charitable events such as food drives. Leadership and organization of these and other events is to be handled by the Leadership Council. Depending on the scope of the event, duties will be relegated to other clan members as the clan leaders see fit. It is asked that a member do all they can to assist with whatever duties are needed within the clan.

    V. Code of Conduct

    1. HAVE FUN! - Remember folks, this is just a game. We play games for fun and relaxation!

    2. HAVE FUN! - See rule number 1!

    3. Conduct Yourself Professionally - Do not make things personal with someone while you are playing. We would like to develop a reputation as a clan that can lose as well as we win. Refrain from spiteful name calling and the use of profanity at all times.

    4. Work as a Team - When other members of LA MERC are on your side, try to work as a team with them for practice. We win in matches as a team, we lose as a team. Interestingly enough, we will also lose if we play as individuals.

    5. Respect Your Clan-Mates! - As we grow in number, it will be increasingly difficult to know each of the clan members personally. Each player is unique and an individual as well as your clan mate. This means that they may have different styles of play that work for them and not for you. Do not belittle people for their style of play. (ENOUGH SAID!) When teams are formed for match play, an attempt will be made to pick people whose styles compliment each other for that match.

    6. Respect Other Clans and gamers! - The relevant league rules apply during league match play. Please familiarize yourself with all relevant rules. During scrims or other clan matches, no one is to talk to the other clan except the designated team leader of that match, it is considered very rude and distracting. Most Ladders will ban you from their ladder if it becomes a problem. Keep your thoughts about the other clan to team talk. Also, respect other players at all times while representing LA MERC. This rule applies on any server, at anytime while you are wearing your LA_MERC_ tag. Your actions are a direct reflection on the rest of us in the clan, remember that.

    7. Practice Rules - During Clan practices hold all annoyances such as killing the other team, repeatedly knifing the Practice Leader, and running around clicking your empty gun. It is also asked that if you are involved in a practice match that you work your hardest to give the practice team a good run. Please do not make any negative, comments about what weapons, style, or game play of the other team, they are working on strategies that need to be honed, if anything try to learn them for future reference. There will be no chat by anyone other than the practice leader until given permission to do so. Any violation of this rule will result in being kicked from the practice and not being allowed into the next match, any repeat of this will have you banned from the following two (2) matches, and after a third (3rd) occurrence you will be banned from the clan altogether. If you do feel compelled to make a comment on strats, then wait for the proper time and politely ask the team leader to input your ideas.

    8. Cheating - Anyone caught cheating at anytime with solid proof will be immediately banned from the server permanently. If you do not have solid proof, keep it to yourself and do not cause a scene, or both parties will be banned from the server for two (2) weeks. The same rules apply to clan members as well, and they also apply during matches and practices. We will not tolerate cheating in the clan in any form. This means that as a MERC you are expected to NOT CHEAT on ANY server, NOT just ours. If you cheat under another name with or without the tag you are still cheating and will be subject to the same consequences. As a clan we will not and can not tolerate cheating or hacking. Once again, if you do not have solid proof then keep it to your self. If you continuously accuse someone of cheating without solid proof you will be subject to disciplinary actions by the Leadership Council. Only T4rg3T, Goose, or Onji may un-ban a player.

    9. Forums - We ask that you attempt to view the forums once a day. This will keep you informed as to current news, events, matches, practices and scrimmages. This is also a great way to keep up with other members of the clan and other gamers.

    10. Tags- The LA_MERC clan tag will be worn at all times, by all members, on LA_MERC servers. It is asked that you please use your gaming name at all times, use of other gaming names can sometimes be confusing to other members and non-members alike. The only exception to this rule is for admin's while "policing" the server. Your help in this matter is greatly appreciated.

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